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Industrial Insight has a team of time-series data experts and we perform the following services:


  • Data quality/fidelity studies

  • Data contextualization/organization

  • Long term data analysis

  • Dashboard design

  • Multi-Variate Analysis/Machine Learning

  • Edge data collection

  • Business Intelligence software usage with time-series data

  • Event detection and analysis

Business Intelligence Software:

  • Power BI

  • Tableau


  • All aspects of the PI System

    • We design the curriculum and agenda around YOUR business and YOUR data. We have common things we teach, but don’t use training datasets

    • We also perform a lot of 1:1, less structured training as part of the projects/engagements that we work on

  • Power BI

    • Again, we use YOUR data and look at YOUR problems


In a nutshell, if you have a production, quality, capacity, or environmental issue and time-series data analysis is required to solve the problem, we are the people who can help.

Most companies still use time-series data only for reactive issues, i.e. when there is a problem in the plant. Industrial Insight works tirelessly to teach and to help our customers to use this data to proactively call out issues, transfer knowledge from long tenured subject matter experts, drive lower costs, and increase throughput for our customers.   

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