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Business Intelligence Software

Business Intelligence Software such as Microsoft's Power BI and Tableau are key technologies that we use at Industrial Insight.  

These BI tools allow one to analyze incredibly large sets of data spanned over multiple years and over multiple data sets. Industrial Insight has performed analyses using 80,000 plus PI Event Frames over almost 4 years, 5 minute interpolated data for 50 parameters for the same time period along with weather data also from the same time period to look for correlations in a major KPI that was causing one of our customers to use way more energy than they had been using several years ago. There is no way we could have done that analysis using the typical tools our customers have used.


These BI tools can be applied to any data set. Industrial Insight has worked with large data sets from SAP, with its own Google Analytics data, along with all of the time-series data from data historians.

Industrial Insight also has experience using the BI Integrator for Business Analytics from OSIsoft as well.

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