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Industrial Insight IS its team. Our team is full of talented, incredible people who love working with data and helping others. You can meet them below.

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Jim Gavigan is the President and Chief Time-Series Data Storyteller of the group.

Jim holds a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Memphis.

Jim's career started in 1995 as a vibration analyst. He then spent 6 years as a controls engineer and engineering manager at a small electrical distributor/integrator. In 2001, Jim joined Rockwell Automation as a sales engineer and then had a one year stint as a Technical Consultant for the Integrated Architecture group of products. 

In 2008, Jim joined Logical Systems, LLC as a Business Development Manager. Never straying far from his technical roots, he filled in doing PLC programming, taking service calls, and doing project management as needed when he wasn't selling projects and services. It was here that Jim was introduced to the power of data in working with the PI System for a large customer.

In 2013, Jim joined OSIsoft as an Account Manager and was promoted to Strategic Account Manager in 2014. In 2015, Jim left OSIsoft and rejoined LSI, starting its Manufacturing Intelligence Practice. In December of 2016, Jim took the largest risk of his life in starting Industrial Insight.

In his free time, you can find Jim hanging out with his wife and/or two teenage boys, fishing from a kayak or on the beach, or playing golf.

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Ben Still has been working with Industrial Insight since February 2018, using largely the OSIsoft PI platform to help customers do more with their data. He also incorporates Power BI, Tableau, and other tools to help get value from data quickly and easily.

Ben has an Electrical Engineering B.S from Clemson University, and previously worked as a Control System Engineer at Shaw Industries in their corporate automation and information systems group. There he worked with many plant-floor systems including Rockwell and Siemens PLCs, HMIs, VFDs, historians, and head’s-up displays. He also used all kinds of data platforms to get value from IIoT data, such as Splunk, Ignition, Node-Red, Ni-FI, MQTT, and Python.

Ever since he was a kid, he has always been a maker/tinkerer, programming microcontrollers, Raspberry Pi’s, and more.

On weekdays, he’ll be at a coffee shop, and on most weekends you’ll find him on the disc golf course. Traveling is one of his passions too, as he hopes to be on the road much of the year.

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Eric Belaski joined Industrial Insight in August 2019 as an OSIsoft SME to help customers manage and utilize their PI Systems.  Eric has been in PI Admin roles since 2008 and is proficient in establishing and managing all aspects of enterprise PI Systems. Over the years, Eric developed many custom applications utilizing the AFSDK and PI WebAPI. He was the first person awarded the OSIsoft PI Developers Accreditation when it was offered in 2017.


Eric has an Aerospace Engineering B.S from the University of Florida and a MS in Computer Science from Colorado State University.  Working at Lockheed Martin as an Aerospace Engineer through the 90s, Eric always incorporated technology into his projects. As the internet blossomed, Eric migrated his career path towards web development. In 2003, He designed and built a web platform to integrate standard database data with control system data in plant environments. Working with control systems and power equipment eventually led him to working with PI Systems in various industries.


As a young lad, Eric grew up in Cocoa Beach, FL and was often found at Radio Shack banging on the keyboard of the newest TRS machines. He was also inspired by the Apollo and Shuttle launches viewed from his front yard. Unable to choose one passion over the other he has been fortunate to experience both throughout his career. After living in Denver, CO for over 20 years, Eric returned to Cocoa Beach to be near family and raise his kids in a small town. He’s rediscovered his childhood passions and exchanged his snowboard for a surfboard and Mountain biking has given way to fishing.

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Tia graduated with her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines in 2016. Out of college, she started working as a Controls Engineer where she was quickly pulled to the data team. As a Manufacturing Intelligence Engineer, she has worked extensively with OSIsoft’s PI software and is accredited as a PI System Infrastructure Specialist.

She has experience in numerous industries including specialty chemicals, pulp and paper, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and water and wastewater. This experience captures everything from the IT space - network architecture and installation – to analytics and reporting with a variety of tools – PI applications, Microsoft Power BI, etc. Tia is incredibly passionate about data and helping clients use their data to identify their gaps and needs.

Outside of the office, she is passionate about mentoring and helping underrepresented groups get involved in STEM; she also loves doing gymnastics and spending time with her daughter, Kaila, and her dog, Lilo!