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Industrial Insight IS its team. Our team is full of talented, incredible people who love working with data and helping others. You can meet them below.


Jim Gavigan is the President and Chief Time-Series Data Storyteller of the group.

Jim holds a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Memphis.

Jim's career started in 1995 as a vibration analyst. He then spent 6 years as a controls engineer and engineering manager at a small electrical distributor/integrator. In 2001, Jim joined Rockwell Automation as a sales engineer and then had a one year stint as a Technical Consultant for the Integrated Architecture group of products. 

In 2008, Jim joined Logical Systems, LLC as a Business Development Manager. Never straying far from his technical roots, he filled in doing PLC programming, taking service calls, and doing project management as needed when he wasn't selling projects and services. It was here that Jim was introduced to the power of data in working with the PI System for a large customer.

In 2013, Jim joined OSIsoft as an Account Manager and was promoted to Strategic Account Manager in 2014. In 2015, Jim left OSIsoft and rejoined LSI, starting its Manufacturing Intelligence Practice. In December of 2016, Jim took the largest risk of his life in starting Industrial Insight.

In his free time, you can find Jim hanging out with his wife and/or two teenage boys, fishing from a kayak or on the beach, or playing golf.


Ben Still has been working with Industrial Insight since February 2018, using largely the OSIsoft PI platform to help customers do more with their data. He also incorporates Power BI, Tableau, and other tools to help get value from data quickly and easily.

Ben has an Electrical Engineering B.S from Clemson University, and previously worked as a Control System Engineer at Shaw Industries in their corporate automation and information systems group. There he worked with many plant-floor systems including Rockwell and Siemens PLCs, HMIs, VFDs, historians, and head’s-up displays. He also used all kinds of data platforms to get value from IIoT data, such as Splunk, Ignition, Node-Red, Ni-FI, MQTT, and Python.

Ever since he was a kid, he has always been a maker/tinkerer, programming microcontrollers, Raspberry Pi’s, and more.

On weekdays, he’ll be at a coffee shop, and on most weekends you’ll find him on the disc golf course. Traveling is one of his passions too, as he hopes to be on the road much of the year. Currently, Ben is on the road full-time, working and travelling in his Winnebago van. 


Philip Babb graduated with his B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Oklahoma in 2018. He has experience working in Oil and Gas Operations within the Drilling and Completions sectors. His work experience has given him a background in operations, research, and product development.

He is motivated by complex problems and thoroughly enjoys working with his hands. He has experience working with both engineers and operators and has always been interested in how engineering practices could be better communicated and applied to operations. He has experience analyzing and visualizing completions data, as well as building analytics dashboards with Python.

Outside of work, he enjoys home renovation projects with his wife Yao, participating in puzzle hunts, and travelling.


Nick Vitiello began his professional career as a building automation system application engineer. For six years, he designed and implemented building automation systems for various hospitals, colleges, schools, emergency operations centers, justice centers, and stadiums located across Southwest Florida. He learned the .NET framework and C# programming language in his free time and created several time-saving automation tools.


In 2012, Nick began working as an OSIsoft PI System integrator working at several datacenters located in Salt Lake City, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. During his time as a PI System integrator, he built and distributed a portfolio of productivity and automation tools, which significantly reduced integration and commissioning man hours.


In 2016, Nick earned his BSc. Information Technology from Western Governor’s University and started working as a .NET Backend Developer and DevOps Security Engineer. He gained extensive experience as an Azure Cloud Administrator where he managed virtual machines, designed virtual networks, implemented information security policies and controls, and maintained CI/CD pipelines.


Outside of the office, Nick enjoys several hobbies including pier fishing, sport shooting, home automation, 3D printing, metal casting, reverse code engineering and information security research.

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