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Our Story

As our 3rd anniversary approached in December of 2019, I recorded this story and uploaded it to our YouTube channel. I was reflecting back on the difficult times that I had and why I persevered through them. You can read "why" I started Industrial Insight on the page named "WHY." The story below is that original "why" story lived out in action over our first 3 years.


If you are considering working here; or are considering working with us as a vendor or as a customer, then I strongly encourage you to watch the video below, as it will give you an idea of my passion for this business and what I am willing to go through to see it become successful.  It truly is "Our Story" at Industrial Insight.

Here is a link to that story

You can also hear a lot of the story on my background and what I believe on a podcast I recently was invited to participate in:

Here is an update at our year 4 anniversary!


Jim Gavigan

President and Founder

Industrial Insight, Inc.

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