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AVEVA / OSISoft PI System

At the core of Industrial Insight’s vision is the need for data. Industrial Insight recognizes AVEVA / OSISoft's PI System as the leading technology in this space. With over 35 years in business and 65% of the fortune 500 using the PI System as their main data infrastructure, the PI system is unparalleled in industry acceptance. Almost every heavy industry such as Oil and Gas, Power generation and distribution, Pulp and Paper, Chemicals, and Pharmaceuticals has major installed bases of PI because it is a very powerful and flexible data infrastructure.


However, many of these companies are not fully leveraging the modern capabilities of the PI System such as PI Asset Framework, PI Event Frames, PI Vision, PI Integrator for Business Analytics, and the PI Developer Technologies. Many companies still use the PI System as just a data historian, which has been its main purpose in industry for many years. The modern PI System allows one to add more context to the time series data, merge it with other systems, and use the data from the system more proactively, instead of its more traditional reactive use.


Case study after case study across various industries have shown that proactive and comprehensive use of the modern PI System toolset offers tremendous return on the time and money invested in configuring the tools.


Most companies believe that their PI systems are underutilized, but face these challenges when trying to start leveraging the new tools:


• They don’t know how to start

• They don’t know where to start

• They don’t have the staff to dedicate to learn and leverage the modern PI System

• They sometimes can’t determine the actual value of using the new tools of the modern PI System for their operation


Most PI customers are so busy with day to day issues and “fire-fighting” that they often don’t have the time or freedom to step back and strategically assess new solutions to combat the fires they are fighting.


This is where Industrial Insight can step in and assist. Industrial Insight will discuss business challenges and use cases with our customers, and determine if the modern PI tools can be helpful. We will help identify where the tools will help, assist with quantifying the value, and work with our customers to identify projects that would provide significant return on investment. We will then deliver the projects and teach our customers how to maintain and enhance the tools we build.


We at Industrial Insight are believers in training our customers on how to use the modern PI toolset, where to apply certain tools, and how to best deploy them across a plant or an entire enterprise.


Industrial Insight offers the following services around the PI System:


  • Consultation around creating a broader data strategy that PI would be the centerpiece of

  • PI AF configuration and training

  • PI Event Frames configuration and training

  • PI Vision configuration and training

  • PI Datalink, Processbook, and PI OLEDB enterprise configuration and training

  • Proper compression and exception settings/tag tuning

  • Custom web development for PI data

  • Integration of PI to other systems like SAP, Maximo, or others

  • Architecture design and installation services

  • PI system audits

  • PI security consulting, PI security audits, and PI security configuration

  • PI Integrator for Business Analytics




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