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Envoy Development

Envoy development offers a product called Envoy Process Monitor that connects to a plant’s data historian (PI, Aspen’s IP21, Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk Historian, etc.) and performs analytics to determine the root cause of process anomalies. Envoy Process Monitor is also an invaluable tool in doing “centerlining” as it allows the user to set limits by product or grade. The software tells the user when KPI’s are running outside of limits and what other process variables may be causing the process to run outside of its centerline.


Here are some of Process Monitor’s capabilities:


• Examines all tags (variables) to identify what variables are outside of the operating envelope

• Has a client application to view exceptions in real-time

• Automatically generates Excel files that when used with Envoy’s Excel add-in provides a deeper drill down capability

• Can automatically generate daily PowerPoint files that identify exceptions on either a product or “all products” basis

• Users can establish targets and limits using a query to identify best in class performance. 


Envoy also produces KPI dashboards, daily and shift reports, and operator checklists (i.e. if an operator should follow a list of tasks if limits are violated). The Excel add-in allows the user to quickly identify other variables that have changed when KPI’s change so that the root cause of the KPI change can be quickly found.


Envoy’s process monitor is also excellent for use in reliability and maintenance applications. For instance, if a motor starts to draw more current than normal, then the Envoy Process monitor software will “flag” this motor current as an issue and will bring it to the attention of the user in the excel add-in or the PowerPoint file generated.

Envoy also provides remote data monitoring as a service. Daily reports are provided to the client that focus on anomalies, process deviations, and the like so that operations and engineering personnel are freed up to focus on important tasks and to reduce their time spent in mining data.


Envoy Development has also developed integration tools to PI Asset Framework and PI Coresight, so that a PI customer’s existing architecture can be leveraged.


Industrial Insight offers Envoy Process monitor software, software deployment, and remote data monitoring services. The software deployment and/or remote monitoring may be delivered by Industrial Insight and/or Envoy Development personnel, depending on the situation.

Industrial Insight will also integrate Envoy's Process Monitor database with the PI System for doing centerlining of a process. An example is shown below where limits calculated in EPM are passed to PI AF and then into PI Vision.

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