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Pattern Discovery's CompressionInsight

To make good decisions, you need good data. Many companies are storing data with OSIsoft’s PI System, but often the data isn’t as useful as it should be. Sometimes, data is collected at too fast or too slow of an interval. However, more often, the data isn’t compressed properly.


Pattern Discovery’s CompressionInsight is a toolbox for tuning compression and exception settings to balance the data fidelity between the process engineer’s desire to collect all data and the IT department’s desire to keep data storage down.


“Balancing between fidelity and compression can be overwhelming when faced with thousands of PI tags to be tuned.  With this in mind, Pattern Discovery created CompressionInsight, an automated PI tag tuning tool.  Using our patented core technology,  Discover*e, CompressionInsight will maximize PI tag data fidelity while optimizing PI tag compression and exceptions settings in your PI System.”


Industrial Insight offers CompressionInsight  software, software deployment, and training for tag tuning for PI Systems.


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