• Jim Gavigan

3 Years In Business, How It Almost Didn't Start, and How It Almost Ended

This video shows my reflections on 3 years in business, and I actually tell the whole story. From almost not starting Industrial Insight at all, to getting down to an incredibly low dollar figure in my business bank account and almost quitting in 2017, to now where we stand as a healthy, growing company. I would never tell this story if I didn’t think we were past the “startup” phase, and I am hoping that this story inspires at least one person to either begin their dream or to keep working on it if they are having a tough time.

To all of those who have supported us (and me) and believed in us (and me), THANK YOU! It has been a tough, yet rewarding journey and I wouldn’t trade what I am doing for anything. There is so much yet to accomplish and so many people who need help in using time-series data more effectively.

#ManufacturingIntelligence #BusinessIntelligence

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