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Turn Data Into Insight

Industrial Insight, Inc. believes data is an underutilized and undervalued strategic asset for manufacturing and other industrial companies. We help our industrial clients turn data into actionable information that helps them deliver tangible results for their organization. We strive to make our clients’ work lives more fulfilling for themselves and more impactful to the companies that they work for.



Industrial Insight, Inc. will be your guide in navigating the new world of Digital Transformation, IIoT, and Industry 4.0. Most companies want to be "digital" companies, but often struggle on how and where to start. Our customers often need help in leveraging the data they already have, in collecting the best quality data possible, and need suggestions on what other data that they should be collecting, but aren't.

Industrial Insight guides our customers on the best ways to aggregate and analyze data, finding new insights that they wouldn't have discovered on their own. Industrial Insight often starts with clients who are "data rich," yet "information poor."

Industrial Insight consults with our customers on best practices and teaches them how to recognize the stories that their data has that they may not even be aware of. We help them tell those stories in compelling ways, and help them become the "hero" in their digital journey. We simply fill in gaps that they might have in understanding, vision, strategy, and/or tactics in this new digital world.



We will work to deliver the right tool at the right time to the right person. The tool a Vice President of operations needs will be drastically different than the one a process engineer will need. We will serve information to consumers in such a way that they can make an impact in their organization.

We will work tirelessly to understand our customers’ business drivers and key performance indicators and work to drive improvement in these areas.

We will always be focused on monetary or other measurable results.

We will make sure the right data is being collected.

We will make sure the data is collected at the right frequency and has the right storage algorithms applied.

We will integrate multiple data sources where it is required.

We will contextualize the data in such a way that it becomes information.

We will help find hidden patterns in the data using machine learning and other analytics tools to unlock new cost savings opportunities.

We work tirelessly to understand all the technology available so that we can deliver the best quality work in the shortest time possible.

It is our goal to see the big picture in a data strategy and show our customers how all the pieces of the strategy will work together to accomplish the goals we mutually set out to achieve.

We will work with applications companies that provide the appropriate analytics, center-lining, or multi-variate analysis tools as required.

If we can’t be the experts in a certain technology that is part of the overall strategy ourselves, we will partner with those companies who we believe are the experts in these technologies. This way, we ensure that we can deliver solutions that no one else on the planet can deliver.

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Our people are our most important asset. It is our mission to give people a place to work where they are treated fairly, challenged, and given every opportunity to pursue their passion and purpose.

Our customers are our lifeblood. We will always go the extra mile to create value for our customers and deliver products and/or services that we are mutually proud of and that are mutually beneficial.

We must make a profit. If we do not, we won't be there the next time our customers need us. However, we are never out to make more than our fair share based on value delivered to the customer. Our profit should always be based on value delivered to the customer.

We will always be honest in our dealings with each other, our customers, our vendors, and our partners. There is never a reason to be dishonest or compromise our integrity or our ethics. Ever!

Our goal is not to bill our clients for every hour we work, it is to do work that adds great value to our customers’ lives and businesses. We strive to be a completely different company in the way we do business and the value we create. That is why we will only very reluctantly work on an hourly basis. We just don’t believe that unless there is no other way to get meaningful and valuable work accomplished, billing by the hour is no good for us or for our customers.

505 Porta Rosa Circle

Saint Augustine, FL 32092



Tel: 901.229.0005