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Turn Data Into Insight

Industrial Insight, Inc. believes data is an underutilized and undervalued strategic asset for manufacturing and other industrial companies. We help our industrial clients turn data into actionable information that helps them deliver tangible results for their organization. We strive to make our clients’ work lives more fulfilling for themselves and more impactful to the companies that they work for.





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Industrial Insight Data Infrastructure

Industrial Insight, Inc. will be your guide in navigating the new world of Digital Transformation, IIoT, and Industry 4.0. Most companies want to be "digital" companies, but often struggle on how and where to start. Our customers often need help in leveraging the data they already have, in collecting the best quality data possible, and need suggestions on what other data that they should be collecting, but aren't.

Industrial Insight guides our customers on the best ways to aggregate and analyze data, finding new insights that they wouldn't have discovered on their own. Industrial Insight often starts with clients who are "data rich," yet "information poor."

Industrial Insight consults with our customers on best practices and teaches them how to recognize the stories that their data has that they may not even be aware of. We help them tell those stories in compelling ways, and help them become the "hero" in their digital journey. We simply fill in gaps that they might have in understanding, vision, strategy, and/or tactics in this new digital world.

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Why Industrial Insight Matters

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Subject matter expertise in disappearing at an alarming rate in our industrial plants. The people that are replacing the experts that have 20, 30, or even 40 years of valuable experience have many years less experience and think, act, and work differently. These new experts want desperately to make a difference, but struggle to do so. The problem is, we aren't extracting the knowledge out of the retiring subject matter experts, building the tools that allow this generation of expertise benefit and learn from the acquired knowledge of their predecessors, and keep our plants running efficiently. This has been and will become an incredibly costly and expensive transition. Companies will lose millions of dollars over this lack of knowledge transfer and because it is happening slowly, it won't be noticed until it is too late.

Industrial Insight recognizes this and has been helping our customers bridge this gap since 2016. Industrial Insight is building the tools for the next generation subject matter experts for our customers. Better yet, we are teaching our customers how to build these tools and enabling them to build many of these tools for themselves. We are helping our clients pour 30 years of knowledge into tools that teach and allow the up and coming "digital natives" to not only sustain performance, but to increase performance of their assets and processes. When our customers don't have the time to build these tools or the tools need to be built faster than they can do so internally, Industrial Insight steps in and fills the gap by building the tools for them.

So often, there are stories that our machines and processes would like to tell us, but they can't because it is locked away in mountains of data. Most of the time, our subject matter experts are the same way, they have mountains of knowledge locked away in their heads. 

Industrial Insight enables our customers to draw out these hidden stories, turn them into actionable information, and drive bottom line benefit from them. The subject matter experts are drawn in because it affects their legacy and the up and coming subject matter experts feel more impactful at their jobs. Management teams are grateful and happy because their equipment and people are more effective, whic puts more dollars in everyone's pocket.

If your company is facing the challenges above, please call us, we would love to help, and we would love to be a part of the newest manufacturing revolution with you. 

Core Values


Our people are our most important asset. It is our mission to give people a place to work where they are treated fairly, challenged, and given every opportunity to pursue their passion and purpose.

Our customers are our lifeblood. We will always go the extra mile to create value for our customers and deliver products and/or services that we are mutually proud of and that are mutually beneficial.

We must make a profit. If we do not, we won't be there the next time our customers need us. However, we are never out to make more than our fair share based on value delivered to the customer. Our profit should always be based on value delivered to the customer.

We will always be honest in our dealings with each other, our customers, our vendors, and our partners. There is never a reason to be dishonest or compromise our integrity or our ethics. Ever!

Our goal is not to bill our clients for every hour we work, it is to do work that adds great value to our customers’ lives and businesses. We strive to be a completely different company in the way we do business and the value we create. That is why we will only very reluctantly work on an hourly basis. We just don’t believe that unless there is no other way to get meaningful and valuable work accomplished, billing by the hour is no good for us or for our customers.

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