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How Data Fundamentals and Golf Fundamentals Are Alike

I see so many people try to throw Machine Learning and AI at problems with very poor underlying data quality. Then, they get disappointed when they don't get any results. Good fundamentals ALWAYS help, no matter what you are working on.

It is a lot like the weekend hacker who can't break 100 buying the $700 driver thinking his swing will be fixed, or that the technology will overcome the poor fundamentals and he will be breaking 80 all of a sudden.

The videos are linked below. I had some fun making these. I even got quite silly (certainly a part of my personality), which I am not sure I have shown on camera before.

Hopefully, everyone "gets" my zany sense of humor here. If you are a golfer, this will resonate, I am sure.

Fundamentals are HARD.

They take CONSTANT work.

If you don't have good to excellent fundamentals, you will FAIL at whatever you are trying to do.

Short Version:

Long Version:

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