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  • Jim Gavigan

Why PI AF is CRITICAL - Part IV, Multi-Variate Data Analysis

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

In these two videos, I show how PI AF and PI Event Frames can help with multi-variate data models and I also talk in more detail about what I think our future in control rooms in manufacturing will look like.

I truly believe that technology like this, married with domain expertise, has the potential to drastically change manufacturing for the better. Analysis tools like SIMCA and SIMCA Online will help us get to value way faster than ever before. I believe that tools that OSIsoft has created, like PI AF and PI Event Frames, to feed these tools will further increase speed to value. Hopefully, these videos will give you a flavor of what is possible.

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Here is a 4:00 (ish) video with the highlights:

Here is a 20 plus minute video with much more detail, with both batch and continuous processes analyzed:

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